Thousands in Jamaica Plain peacefully protest racial injustice

On Thursday thousands gathered at the Civil War monument at the corner of Centre and South Street in Jamaica Plain. 

The Black Lives Matter vigil began at 5:30 p.m. in front of the monument and while the silent protest was to only last an hour it was extended as protesters peacefully marched to District E-13 Police Station on Washington Street to discuss future plans for ending racial injustice with police officials. 

Throughout the vigil residents for Jamaica Plain and surrounding communities lined the streets along Centre and South Streets between  Jackson Square and Forest Hills.  All participants were encouraged to bring their own signs or just show up and stand in support to witness against racist violence and white supremacy and for racial justice and human rights.

Throughout the protest protesters received support from passing motorists who honked their horns and cheered on the crowd. 

Once the group got to the Jamaica Plain police station they staged a “die in” for eight minutes and 46 seconds–the exact amount of time George Floyd was pinned on the ground under the knee of disgraced Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin. 

Following the ‘die in’ three different protesters gave impassioned speeches about injustice–calling for reform, more community and political participation from residents when it comes to racial injustice and for people to educate themselves on the issue. 

Since January 2016 Rabbi Victor Hillel Reinstein of Nehar Shalom has led a monthly vigil in support of Black Lives Matter in Jamaica Plain. 

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