With Regards to Domestic Violence

Dear Editor,

In the editorial, “A Sad But Predictable Outcome,” you examine the tragic death of 22-year-old Gabby Petito in Utah. The detailed statistics are indeed startling, and we appreciate your illustrating the sheer prevalence and pervasiveness of domestic violence. While often perceived as intractable, we never want it to be perceived as normal or irremediable. There are warning signs of unhealthy and unsafe relationships as well as red flags that can help predict if a situation is potentially deadly. Promoting respect, gender equity and racial justice are also effective prevention strategies.

And therein lies the hope. The more we all know about these dynamics and signs, the more prepared we can be to offer non-judgmental and meaningful support, intervene safely, and hold people accountable for their actions.  We can also become more comfortable talking about these issues and role modeling positive and respectful relationships.

Given the high prevalence of domestic abuse, there’s also a high probability that someone reading your paper is experiencing or possibly causing harm – or knows someone who is in an unhealthy and unsafe relationship.  In fact one of this year’s campaigns for Domestic Violence Awareness Month is:  #Every1KnowSome1.

We want to make sure people know that they are not alone. Located near Jamaica Plain and serving the greater Boston area is Stone House who offers housing, support groups, and other services. When their new center opens in a few weeks, they will also offer daycare for survivors’ children . If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse, please contact them at 617-427-9801 or [email protected]. Stone House is part of a network of over 60 sexual and domestic violence organizations across Massachusetts.  You can find these and other resources at https://janedoe.org/findhelp.

We invite you and your readers to learn more and take action to help prevent and end domestic violence.

Nancy Owens Hess, Chief Executive Officer

Toni Troop, JP resident and Director Communications and Development at Jane Doe Inc.

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