District 6 Councilor Lara celebrates Dominican Independence Day with ‘Muñecas Limé’ exhibit

       Kendra Lara, the newly elected District Six City Councilor, celebrates Dominican Independence Day with a gift to City Hall. Folkloric art from Dominican artists are on display at City Hall starting February 22. The exhibit is on loan from the Ateneo Dominicano de Nueva Inglaterra, a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping alive the cultural heritage of the Dominican Republic. 

       “I am incredibly grateful to be able to celebrate my Dominican heritage with my colleagues at City Hall,” Lara said, “Dominicans are one of the largest immigrant populations in Boston, and I’m committed to ensuring our art is embedded in the cultural fabric of our city. I couldn’t think of a better place to start than City Hall.” 

       On display at City Hall, you’ll find two out of the dozen ‘Faceless Dolls’ by Ramon Santiago and Vicente Disla, an array of sculptures representing Dominican cultural and daily life, and a presentation highlighting Dominican currency and instruments. 

            The exhibit will be on display on the third-floor mezzanine at City Hall until Friday, February 25th, 2022. Dominican Independence Day is Sunday, Feb. 27.

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