Roxanne Longoria, announces candidacy for State Representative for 15th Suffolk District

Longtime community activist and Jamaica Plain resident  Roxanne Longoria announced earlier this month her candidacy for the 15th Suffolk District State Representative seat. 

In her announcement Longoria, a public servant, community organizer, and diversity and inclusion educator, said her decision to run for State Representative is grounded in her vision of a welcoming, vibrant, and equitable 15th Suffolk District where all residents can access the resources they need to thrive. 

The district includes Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill, and Roxbury. 

“I’m an experienced, progressive leader running for State Representative because I want a more equitable, accessible, and compassionate government for all,” said Longoria. “After serving as the Director of Youth Homelessness Initiatives for the City of Boston, I became a caregiver to my 75-year-old mother and experienced housing instability at the height of the pandemic. During these challenging times, I truly understood that our systems should be better, they can be better, and who is most impacted when they aren’t working efficiently.”

In her announcement Longoria described herself as a “visionary doer” and veteran advocate committed to equitable communities and inclusive government. 

Longoria said she has long been determined to elevate her community and improve her neighbors’ lives. Longoria spent more than a decade leading Boston area coalitions, bringing innovative ideas to fruition, and advocating for marginalized people and communities. 

Most recently, Longoria served as the Director of Youth Homelessness Initiatives for the City of Boston. In this role, Longoria founded the Youth Experiencing Homelessness Training Institute, building the capacity of over 350 community service providers in the Boston area while quickly mobilizing resources to distribute over $50,000 in life-saving direct aid to youth experiencing homelessness.

Michael Curry, Esq. CEO, Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers, said, “Phenomenal leader, committed to uplifting families and rooted in service to others, that’s Roxanne. She brings her lived experience and passion to the movement for equity and social justice, and she’s a force we need for change.” 

Longoria said she pledges to champion progressive policies, prioritize the needs of the district’s residents, and ensure marginalized communities have a seat at the legislative table. 

She said her priority issues are affordable housing, educational equity, and increasing transitional support services for young people who are currently in and aging out of foster care. 

“Since her time as the Network Coordinator for the Boston Youth Service Network, Roxanne has been a fierce advocate for young people,’’ said Marcella Raines, Chief Advocacy and Community Engagement Officer at More Than Words. “From testifying at Boston Public School Committee hearings to hosting citywide convenings addressing the School to Prison Pipeline and Youth Homelessness, Roxanne gets things done while empowering others and intentionally building community.” 

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