Traffic, car vandalism issues raised at JPA meeting

By Adam Swift

Members of the Jamaica Pond Association (JPA) raised concerns about increased incidences on smashed car windows in the area at Monday night’s meeting.

The concerns were raised when police officers from Precinct 13 updated the JPA on police reports in the pond area over the past month.

According to recent records, there were reports of a car vandalized and the passenger side window smashed on Holbrook Street, as well as a second vehicle that was vandalized on Orchard Street.

“We remind people not to leave anything in your vehicles, they will break the glass for a jar of change,” said Officer Patricia Darosa.

In addition to the vehicle break-ins, Darosa noted that there have been a number of hit-and-run accidents in the area, including one near 230 South Huntington Ave. where police made an arrest and charged someone with operating under the influence.

Several JPA members noted that they have heard of a number of recent car break-ins that were not in Darosa’s report.

Anne McHugh said she had several friends who informed her about a rash of car break-ins Saturday night into Sunday morning in the area of Dunster Road, Dane Street, Aldworth, and Orchard.

McHugh said she also heard from another neighbor that there was a rash of break-ins on Eliot Street.

Darosa said reports of those incidents were not immediately available in the department’s computer system, but noted that some people might not report the vandalism if nothing major was taken from their cars. She encouraged anyone who does have their car broken into to report it to the police so that proper resources could be devoted to the investigation.

Police Officer David Murray, who has been the traffic investigator in Precinct 13 since May, updated the JPA on how he will keep an eye out for potential break-ins, as well as other traffic issues in the area.

He noted that the City Council recently passed a budget that will allow for the purchase of more video surveillance in the city, and that he has requested cameras for several high-problem areas in Jamaica Plain. However, Murray added that there is no guarantee that the precinct will get the additional cameras.

One issue that has been of special concern to JPA members recently has been the abundance of motorists taking left-hand turns onto the Arborway and the Jamaica Way. Murray said he has been stepping up enforcement to help combat that issue.

Nancy Manzonson raised concerns with pedestrian safety with people running red lights and endangering people walking in crosswalks. She suggested that the department look into installing cameras at some of those problem areas.

Murray said that anyone who would like further information about traffic enforcement or issues could contact him at Precinct 13.

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