Who benefits from aggression

Dear Readers,

 As Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, and Atheists, we mourn the thousands of people who have been killed in Gaza by Israeli forces. We also grieve for those Israelis who were killed in the Hamas-led attack on October 7, 2023. We oppose Israel’s attacks on universities, schools, hospitals, and neighborhoods in Palestine. We call for an end to civilian displacement and proxy wars that place soldiers as well as civilian youth and adults in untenable situations. 

We recognize that a sustainable future depends upon Israeli and Palestinian rights to safety, housing, education, food and civic life. It’s unacceptable that people will lose access to their homes and ancestral land. The restrictions to Palestinians’ basic freedoms are unacceptable.  We stand with the United Nations, International Law and Human Rights Watch in calling for an immediate ceasefire.

To be allies, to affirm life, to stop the rise of anti-Semitism and racism against Palestinians, we have to question who benefits from aggression. We need to let our elected officials know that we want to advance long-term peace, not war.  As to this conflict, we call for an end to governments that espouse extremist views. We can come together to stop this cycle of misery and violence. We need to be witnesses for ourselves and our love for humanity and advocate for solutions that emerge from peace activists with roots in the Middle East. We need a path forward that prioritizes grassroots, feminist organizing that centers human rights for all and reverence for the earth that makes life possible. 

Peace and justice,

Becky Thompson

Martha Merson

Diane Harriford

Christopher Brokus

Arezu Kabuli

Hyam Saba

Sami Saba

Michael Massad

Bailey Williams

Chi Wong

Amy Liang

Paul Fernandes

Paul Walsh

Diane Marchioni

Wendy Stewart

Mary Rhei

Tania DiSciullo

Gareth Marshall

Sandy Wang

Abigail Cromer

Hibab Osman

Ellen Goodman

Kate Layte

Maxim Tamarov

Hannah Postman

Amy Goodrough

Natalie Falls

Leah Rosenbloom

Steve Low

Anna Fishman

Sarah Stillman

Laura Brown

Abby Graham

Gregory Reiser

Molly Kantrowitz

Sussan Atscouty

Jess Fellman

David Wein

Lucas Braun

Anna Singer

Elissa Martel

Jesse Wilson

Rose JC-Wilson

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