Romney plays politics with marriage hostility

Gov. Romney needs to stop his disturbing “Father Knows Best” actions to shamelessly use same-sex couples and their families for his own political gain. I completely respect the 109 legislators who voted for equality and against prejudice and appreciate their willingness to protect my relationship and my marriage from fear-mongering. Simply put, adult same-sex coupling is as natural for some as green is for grass and blue is for sky. No one is demanding that grass turn blue or the sky turn green, so Romney and his cohorts should just stop trying to scare people.

Sadly, this governor continually needs to be reminded that “different from you” does not equal “evil.” Would the world really be perfect if we were all exactly like him? Mr. Romney, hate is not the path to the White House and should not be the path of any reputable leader. You have been a disappointing governor. If you want to be president of the United States, then it is time for you to create solutions to actual, significant problems instead of acting like a schoolyard bully and promoting hostility.

Margaret Movelle
Jamaica Plain

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