Power Outage

We’re back!

After the horrible blackout plague of 2004-2005 and an NSTAR upgrade plan scheduled to be finished this year, major outages in JP have trickled down to almost nothing.

But the Cranston and Sheridan streets area in Hyde Square continues to have problems. What we hoped was the last Power Outage Report documented a string of outages there last summer.

The area started the New Year with a similar series of outages, on Jan. 2, 3, 6 and 7.

Also unwelcome was a one-hour outage on the morning of Christmas Eve on the courthouse section of the Arborway.

The major message to NSTAR from hundreds of residents and the Mayor’s Office in 2005 was that outages and upgrades need to be clearly, quickly explained.

Residents say they’ve been unable to get explanations for any of the recent outages. NSTAR did not respond to a Gazette request for information.

You can report outages to the Gazette at [email protected]. Always report them directly to NSTAR at 1-800-592-2000.

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