Why make a fuss over being gay

I have never written to any news source with my opinion, but after reading “Anti-gay graffiti found on car” in the May 25 JP Gazette, I felt compelled to write.

I am a straight, white male with a gay brother and many gay friends living in JP. I have never understood the compulsion of some people in the gay and lesbian community to announce, display and make such a fuss over their sexual preference.

I’m all for being proud to be gay! I am proud to be a recovering alcoholic, but I don’t run down the street shouting it or try to force others to observe the fact that I am straight or an alcoholic! What is with the need to fly a flag or put a sticker on your car? Who are you trying to impress or convince? I can just hear the collective gasp when I say: You are looking for a confrontation.

Just one person’s opinion.

S. Anderson
Jamaica Plain

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