E-13 Police get new commander


The local E-13 Boston Police station has gone back to the future for its new commander. Capt. Christine Michalosky, who served as commander in 2004-05, returned to the position earlier this month.

Michalosky was out for the holiday week and unavailable for comment. Jamaica Plain was part of her territory as a patrol officer about 15 years ago.

Michalosky’s return marks the fifth change in command at the station in its 11 years of existence, and the fourth in three years. The turnover rate at the top has drawn concern from City Councilor John Tobin and others, though the staff has remained relatively stable. Police officials have said policing strategies remain consistent and that some turnover is intended to prevent burn-out.

Aside from official turnover, three of the station’s commanders—including Michalosky during her first stint—were out for extended periods with injuries or illness, leaving various lieutenants in command.

Michalosky replaces Deputy Superintendent Kelley McCormick, who left E-13 this summer after nine months on the job when he was promoted to a homeland security position at police headquarters.

E-13 covers most of JP, except for Forest Hills and Woodbourne

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