Don’t throw out the JP Gazette

SAT., FEB. 26, 2008—I threw the JP Gazette out today. Took a cursory look throughout the local paper and decided I had enough information about potential bankruptcies, politicians and nightmares, tossed it next to the organic recycling bin.

Come Monday morning I needed to look up a meeting date and time. Hmm, where is the Gazette? I go leafing through sections of the New York paper, the Boston paper, and find it. A blob of a cooking oil stain on it, but I am able to get the information and toss it back under the counter.

A day later I know where the Gazette is and thumb through the pile of new paper, this time to find a Rorschach test of spaghetti sauce on the JP Agenda page. I find the name of the historical web site I wanted to explore. Convinced I was done, I fold the article, and back into the recycle box it goes. Feed the dog and delight in my Internet searches suggested by our local paper.

Now, the third time I have to go recycle-bin-diving, I find the Gazette with cooking oil stains, spaghetti sauce and tin can top of dog food glued to it. Only a few pages are legible, but I retrieve what I need.

My under-the-counter salvage storage area is a mess, but the dog likes it for grazing when she is bored. One thing that will not be in there is the JP Gazette.

Carlos B. Icaza
Jamaica Plain

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