Many worked for successful JP Obama fund-raiser

To everyone who came to the JP Obama fund-raiser, Boost Barack and Beat Bush III Barbeque, on Sun., Sept. 21:?? Thank you so much for your spirit, generosity and commitment to ensuring that Barack Obama is the next president of the United States. We had 300 attendees and raised over $10,000 on one sunny, beautiful afternoon!

With live music, stilt-walkers and lantern-making with Spontaneous Celebrations, inspiring words from state Rep. Jeffrey Sánchez and Massachusetts Director of the Obama Campaign Roger Fisk and our special guest, political comedian Jimmy Tingle, it was an exciting event. Thanks to the musicians who performed, including Whoa! Man! Jesus!, P.J. Eastman, Paul Strother, Chris Toppin, Jim Buni and Bill Janovitz. And thanks to Whitney Veit from the Obama Campaign for her swift and supportive response.

Yes we can!

The Dunster Road ad hoc committee to Boost Barack and Beat Bush III
Jamaica Plain

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