Sign for speedway too accurate to be funny

The pictured substitution of “Motorway” for “Arborway” on the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s Emerald Necklace sign [JP Gazette, June 26] might be humorous if the traffic conditions it highlights were not so dangerous.

The present configuration of the Arborway seems to be focused solely on accommodating as many rush-hour vehicles as possible, as quickly as possible, without regard to the health or safety of residents, bicy-clists, park users and the historic Arborway oaks or to the many intended non-rush hour uses of this his-toric connector of Jamaica Pond, the Arnold Arboretum and Franklin Park. It’s time something was done to restore the Arborway to a safe, multi-use parkway rather than the dangerous eight-lane speedway it has become.

Kevin J. Handly
Jamaica Plain

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