The Force is with Us

John Ruch

‘Star Wars’ video game made in JP

The Force was with JP last month as a new “Star Wars” video game made by a local software company hit the iPhone market.

“Star Wars: Trench Run,” which allows the player to pilot a starship fighter from the famous sci-fi movies, was developed by Infrared5 at 2 Harris Ave.

The 3-D iPhone game re-creates a famous scene from the original “Star Wars” movie where a fighter pilot destroys the Death Star, an artificial moon, after a dangerous flight down one of its canyons.

“We’ve really pushed the capabilities of Apple’s mobile devices with ‘Star Wars: Trench Run,’” said Infrared5 CEO Chris Allen, a Sumner Hill resident, in a press release. “The graphics are like a console game, and the controls are so responsive it really feels like you are Luke Skywalker flying an X-wing, attempting to take down the Death Star single-handedly.”

The game pits the player against the infamous Darth Vader. Failure means that the evil Galactic Empire destroys “the jungle moon of Yavin 4.” And yes, you get to use the Force.

Infrared5 developed “Star Wars: Trench Run” for the California company THQ Wireless under license from Lucasfilm Ltd. The game is available for download from Apple’s iTunes store.

Infrared5 performs a wide variety of software development and consultation work. Its previous iPhone games include “iFly,” a flight simulator using a paper airplane. The company also organizes the annual Flash on Tap event, a combination of technology conference and beer festival.

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