Dig checks for artifacts at park playground site

A team of volunteer archaeologists has been digging in Franklin Park to make sure a playground project doesn’t disturb unknown historical sites.

The dig at the American Legion Highway Playground began May 11 and was slated to wrap up this week. It had not found anything of significance by the Gazette’s deadline.

“It’s just to make sure there’s nothing there,” City of Boston Archaeologist Joseph Bagley told the Gazette.

Construction projects on properties with historic protections, including Franklin Park, must account for any archaeological impacts. In Franklin Park’s case, the Boston Landmarks Commission approved the playground project, Bagley said. But, he added, its research found that the playground area was the site of a farmhouse in the 1700s and that a small hill there could have a Native American past.

If any significant items or sites are found by Bagley’s team, more investigation would be required.

The playground project is funded by the Mayor’s Department of Youth Engagement and Employment, which in turn has a budget whose priorities were chosen by Boston residents aged 12 to 25.

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