Residents complain of overpass demo noise

Some local residents are complaining about the noisy nighttime demolition of the Casey Overpass.

Forest Hills resident Ted Kehoe is among the residents who have emailed the Gazette to take issue with the demolition.

“I live on Tower Street in Forest Hills,” he said. “Tonight is the second night of overnight Casey Overpass bridge destruction and the noise is insane. My wife and I are working people and we have a baby daughter. We all need to sleep. My neighbors and I have contacted Councilor (Matt) O’Malley.”

Things were no better in Stonybrook on the northern side of the overpass, according to resident Allan Ihrer.

“It’s after midnight, and from 4/10ths of a mile away I can clearly hear the bridge demo going on,” Ihrer wrote in an email. “It is loud enough here that we have a fan in the window to mask the noise.”

The nighttime demolition of the overpass started on the night of June 14, according to a state Department of Transportation press release.

“As has been stated at public information meetings, nighttime work will take place on those sections of the overpass which are above traffic that would need to be detoured away from the work zone for safety reasons,” the press release stated.

The Casey Arborway project will replace the Casey Overpass, which carries Route 203 over the Forest Hills T Station area. A new six- to eight-land surface road will be constructed.

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