Letter: Thanks from the Connolly Library

Last Oct. 30, the Connolly Branch Library and the Hyde Square community celebrated their 8th annual Halloween Party and Neighborhood Stroll.

Around 200 children and adults enjoyed a costume party with food, fun activities, accompanied by the music of the JP Honk Band at the library. The event was followed by a lively neighborhood stroll through Centre Street ending at the Blessed Sacrament Plaza, where the Hyde Square Task Force hosted a Halloween Festival with treats, games, and a haunted house.

In two parades covering each sidewalk along Centre Street, babies, children, and adults trick-or-treated at several local businesses and organizations: Guardian Healthcare, El Oriental de Cuba, Jamaica Plain Laundry Centre, Brendan Behan Pub, Fat Ram’s Pumpkin Tattoo, Centre Tailor, D’Friends Barber Shop, Vecina Beauty Supply, Ultimate Tech Wireless, Avon, Del Valle’s Children’s Shop, Whole Foods Market JP, Ayanna Pressley Campaign JP Office, Ultra Beauty Salon, Centre Liquor Store, Food Wall Restaurant, Miami Restaurant, Atlantic Travel Agency, Aurum Restaurant, El Patio Market, Captain Nemo’s Restaurant, and Re/Max Destiny.

A special thanks to Nobel García and Marlene Issa from El Oriental de Cuba, Jennifer Licht and Whole Foods JP, Maria V. Nuñez from the WIC Program, Maria F. Cabrera from the Museum of Science and the Friends of the Connolly Branch Library for their donations for the event. We would also like to thank Mindy Fried from Jamaica Plain Porch Fest, and Marie Ghitman and Beatrice Greene for arranging and bringing the vibrant and energetic JP Honk Band. Children had the opportunity to dance and move, while wearing their wonderful costumes.

The event would not have been possible without the outstanding work of these wonderful volunteers: Eileen Fontenot, Laura Forner, Matthew Hincman, Woody and Fran Streeter, and Maria Nuñez. We tremendously appreciate their invaluable help. We are also thankful to Sylvia Vélez for her advice, support, and donations for our Halloween Party. Thanks to Emma Baxter and Jessica Gúzman from the Hyde Square Task Force, for co-hosting the Neighborhood Stroll with us, and their fun activities.

Thanks to our elected officials who participated: City Councilor Matt O’ Malley and At-Large City Councilor Ayanna Pressley. The neighborhood stroll flew accordingly thanks to help of the officers from District E-13/Boston Police Department.

We are grateful to be part of this amazing community and happy to help bring it together, while feeling the constant support of our library and its events. The staff and Friends of the Connolly Branch Library are always receptive for opportunities to continue strengthening ties with our community. Looking forward for many Halloween parties and parades in the future!

Sujei Lugo, Children’s Librarian, Connolly Branch Library

Jane Bickford, Branch Librarian, Connolly Branch Library

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