BPDA proposes changes to Plan: JP/Rox study

The Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) is proposing changes to the Plan: JP/Rox study, including reducing the projected growth of the corridor by 1,000 units.

BPDA has delayed a board vote on the plan several times over the past six months, as the agency and neighborhood groups continue talks over it.

Plan: JP/Rox is the long-awaited planning study for the Columbus Avenue and Washington Street corridor, from Jackson Square to Egleston Square to Forest Hills. The planning study was launched more than a year ago and will eventually create new zoning for the area.

BPDA had an earlier draft that proposed to build 3,500 units for the corridor, but is now proposing to reduce that number by 1,000 units. The proposed changes also seek to address concerns over affordability, building setbacks, and transportation, as well as other issues.

To view the proposed changes, visit bit.ly/2hYlQ5n.

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