JP Seafood owner aims to open new restaurant

The family behind JP Seafood Cafe may be opening a second restaurant in Jamaica Plain called Evergreen Eatery.

The restaurant would be located at 154 Green St., the former location of La Rana Rossa, which closed in June.

“We are so excited to have an opportunity to open a second restaurant in JP where my family’s been living and have had business for more than 20 years,” said Phil Paik, owner of JP Seafood Cafe, in an email. “We hope that this project will create the same energy and friendly environment as JP Seafood Cafe has done.”

Evergreen Eatery is planning to apply for a seven-day common victualler’s license. Paik expects to have the license in mid-August, and is also applying for beer and wine and take-out licenses.

The versatile establishment will have a diner that will serve breakfast and lunch on weekdays and brunch on the weekends. The seating capacity will be about 50 inside and 45 on the patio.

“This health conscious farm-to-table theme diner will offer all American classic B & L menu but also will be influenced by Latin, Caribbean, and Asian cuisine, as well,” Paik said. “The eatery will also have an express coffee/juice bar and bakery for commuters. The Evergreen express will be offering organic coffee, fresh squeezed juice, and fresh in-house baked pastries plus grab and go sandwiches and many more.  My sister Karen, who is a pastry chef and a barista, will be a great asset for the project.”

The request to open the new restaurant was presented by Phil Paik and his wife, Kristen Hunter, to the Jamaica Plain Business & Professional Association (JPBAPA). Michael Reiskind, secretary of JPBAPA, said that the request was looked on very favorably at their July 19 meeting, and the board of directors recommended approval of the license.

Reiskind said that the applicants need to continue the community process and meet with residential neighborhood groups and other business groups, and then meet with the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council’s Public Service Committee, probably in early September.

Paik said that the team is currently working on organizing neighborhood association meetings. They are hoping to open by mid-September to serve breakfast and lunch, and will serve dinner once Evergreen Eatery obtains the beer and wine license.

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