Disappointing Feature at Jamaica Plain Pond

Dear Editor:

Like many residents of JP, I enjoy the Jamaica Pond on a regular basis. One disappointing feature of it is the poor and neglected condition of the buildings, including the boathouse. Given the number of people who use the Pond, I believe with a little effort and imagination, these buildings can be substantially improved and better utilized. For example, it would lovely to have a nice cafe in the building housing the boat rental office, which appears mostly vacant, with perhaps outdoor seating in nice weather. Such a place would be an amazing amenity for the great number of people who visit. I would love to be able to be able to sit with friends with a view of the beautiful pond. Instead, the Pond’s many visitors are greeted with mostly vacant and locked buildings, smelly bathrooms, barely-operable drinking fountain, and overflowing trash cans. I hope that those who oversee the Pond can consider this suggestion in the spirit of making it into an even more welcoming and enjoyable place for the neighborhood.

Ruth Solomon

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