New Orange Line Trains Debut

This month the MBTA debuted six new Orange Line cars to its fleet as part of a multi-year project to add 152 new Orange Line cars and to eventually increase the line’s capacity to 30,000 seats.

The six new cars went into service Wednesday, August 14.

“We’re excited to welcome the first 6 brand-new Orange Line cars to the fleet,” said the MBTA in a statement. “To start, you’ll see the train in service most weekdays between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. on up to four round trips. We’re not running it full time yet as we closely monitor each new car and fine-tune software.”

The Orange Line serves four stations in Jamaica Plain–Jackson Square, Stony Brook, Green Street and Forest Hills.

The T added that if you see the new cars on the Orange Line with an “Out of Service” sign not to worry.

“We’re running them as part of our software update process,” continued the T’s statement. “Modifications on these first cars will ensure reliability—and help us streamline the rollout of the rest of the fleet.”

The $1 billion Orange Line overhaul began in 2014 and the T expects the entire line to be overhauled by 2022 with the fleet growing from the current 120 care to 152 cars.

The T said the new trains are modern, more efficient, and more spacious with wider doors for improved boarding access; two more accessibility areas on each car; modern visual and audio communication systems; backup HVAC systems in each car; more handrails throughout each car; and people with disabilities will be safer and more comfortable on the new cars.

They also feature modern LED lighting systems for improved visibility as well as audio and visual door open and close warnings.

“The MBTA introduced the first new Orange Line train comprised of six brand new cars into regular service from Wellington Station,” said Gov. Charlie Baker. “This is an important milestone in our administration’s work to deliver a modern, reliable, and safe transportation system for riders.” Aside from modern cars the overhaul of the Orange Line t includes new

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