Editorial 10-23-2020

Voting has begun!

Thanks to the early voting laws, every registered voter in Massachusetts has the opportunity to cast their ballot for the upcoming Presidential election in the two weeks prior to Election Day itself, Tuesday, November 3.

Although the exact locations and times for early voting will vary in each municipality, the bottom line is that every city and town across the state will offer early voting through Friday, October 30, including this upcoming weekend.

Every voter should check their local clerk’s web site for the locations and voting hours because they will vary in each city and town. However, every city and town will offer multiple opportunities to vote in person through October 30 without the hassles of long lines, bad weather, or inconvenient times, which are especially important considerations for all of us amidst the pandemic.

We would note that even if you requested and received a ballot in the mail, you still can vote early in-person if you feel uncomfortable about dropping your ballot in a mailbox. 

In short: There is no excuse for failing to vote — so do it!

Voter registration deadline is October 24

With all of the excitement (for lack of a better word) being generated by the upcoming election, a record turnout of voters is being predicted both in Massachusetts and across the country.

Americans are voting early and in huge numbers that far exceed any previous election. 

However, you can’t participate in the fun if you aren’t registered to vote.

The good news is that there still is time to do so and the deadline to register is this coming Friday, October 24.

So if you are not registered to vote, or unsure if you are, check with your local clerk’s office. Don’t be left out of what is the most consequential election of our lifetimes that will have ramifications for all of us for years to come.

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