JP’s Weekly Test Rate Drops Under 1 Percent

Jamaica Plain’s weekly COVID-19 positive test rate dropped under 1 percent according to the latest data released by the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) last Friday.

 According to the latest data 1,288 Jamaica Plain residents were tested last week and 0.5 percent were found to be COVID positive– a 64 percent decrease from the 1.4 percent reported by the BPHC on May 7.

 Of the 37,536 Jamaica Plain residents tested for COVID since the pandemic began, 7.9 percent overall were found to be positive–this was the same percentage reported by the BPHC on May 7.

Citywide, the weekly positive test rate continues to decrease. According to the BPHC 17,329 residents were tested and 1.6 percent were COVID positive–this was a 24 percent decrease from the 2.1 percent positive test rate reported by the BPHC two weeks ago.

Last week, the Baker-Polito Administration today announced plans to close the Commonwealth’s vaccine pre registration system by the end of May. The COVID-19 Vaccine Finder at will remain available, with over 900 locations listed across the state.

The Administration also announced the expansion of the state’s Homebound Vaccination Program to support in-home vaccinations for all eligible residents who are unable to get to a vaccine site, beginning Monday, May 24.

The pre registration form at closed to new submissions on Tuesday. According to the administration all remaining people still in the system will be contacted with an opportunity to book appointments before closing out the system on May 31. All remaining people who pre registered will be given an opportunity to book before the system closes.

The state’s Homebound Vaccination Program began on Monday, May 24 and the Administration plans to expand this program to support in-home vaccinations for all eligible residents who are unable to get to a vaccine site. The Administration launched the Homebound Vaccination on March 29 for individuals who met specific federal criteria, such as requiring significant support to leave the home for a medical appointment. Beginning May 24, any individual who has trouble getting to a vaccine site is eligible for the homebound program.

According to the BPHC data, Jamaica Plain’s infection rate increased 1 percent since May 7.

Jamaica Plain went from 723.4 cases per 10,000 residents to 730.6 cases per 10,000 residents.

 An additional 29 Jamaica Plain residents became infected with COVID-19 since May 7 and the number of total cases here went from 2,921 cases to 2,950 cases in the neighborhood.

The statistics released by the BPHC as part of its weekly COVID19 report breaks down the number of cases and infection rates in each neighborhood. It also breaks down the number of cases by age, gender and race.

  Citywide positive cases of coronavirus increased less than a half percent last week and went from 70,297 cases to 70,546 confirmed cases in a week. To date, 1,383 Boston residents have died from the virus since the pandemic began.

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