Councilor At-Large and Candidate for Mayor Michelle Wu Releases 2020 Financial Disclosures

City Councilor At-Large and Candidate for Mayor Michelle Wu today released her 2020 City of Boston Statement of Financial Interests and 2020 federal tax return to ensure public transparency and establish a precedent for financial disclosure. Click here to access the information.

“At a moment when building trust in government is critical to our recovery and collective future, we must start with a baseline of transparency throughout our departments and from our officials. The decisions and policies implemented in City Hall have tremendous consequences for our economy, communities, and families. Residents deserve a foundation of good government and unwavering commitment to transparency and civic engagement across city government, starting from the top,” said Michelle Wu.             Michelle Wu has been serving on the City Council for 8 years, including two as City Council President, and has implemented key reforms to make government work better for people, including passing a landmark language and communications access ordinance in 2016 to ensure everyone could access city services and a comprehensive lobbyist disclosure ordinance in 2018. She has consistently worked to deliver transparency and accountability, including implementing several major reforms to make city government more accessible in her time as City Council President—making closed captioning transcripts of public hearings available online, renovating the Council Chamber for universal accessibility, and doubling the Council’s capacity to conduct public meetings and hearings outside City Hall in the neighborhoods. She has repeatedly challenged the administration to do more to build trust through good government and transparency

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