Plan to Bring Doyle’s Back Receives BPDA Approval

It was a favorite among politicians like James Michael Curley, the first place Sam Adams Beer was ever sold and the set of many Hollywood movies set in Boston.

The former Doyle’s Cafe, which opened in 1882 on Washington Street in Jamaica Plain but sadly closed on October 26, 2019, was the landmark Irish Pub of legend that was once dubbed the annex of City Hall.

Now, almost exactly two years to the day that Doyle’s closed its doors at midnight on the fateful October night, will return to Jamaica Plain.

Last week at its October board meeting the Boston Planning and Redevelopment (BPDA) board voted to approve a development project that will give the legendary bar a second life, and bring new homes for families

The BPDA now approved Doyle’s Cafe project will bring 29 new family-sized homes including 6 family-sized affordable units and two commercial spaces.

One of those spaces will be the restoration of Doyle’s Cafe and includes restoring the historic “Kennedy Room ” community room. The late Sen. Ted Kennedy and Doyle’s owners dedicated the room to Kennedy’s maternal grandfather, former Boston Mayor John F. “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald, on St. Patrick’s Day in 1988.

“The Doyle’s Cafe in Jamaica Plain will be renovated, revived, and returned with a new roof deck as part of a multi-parcel project that will house 29 families, including six affordable units,” wrote the BPDA in its decision. “An expanded storefront will also make space for an urban grocery market on the corner of Washington and Gartland Streets.  This project aligns with the vision of the BPDA’s approved planning initiative, PLAN: JP/Rox.”

Also at the meeting the BPDA approved the plan to give Youth Enrichment Services a new headquarters along the Southwest Corridor as part of the 9-unit condo project at 265-267 Amory St. in Jamaica Plain.

The new headquarters will help Youth Enrichment Services serve 1,600 local youth annually at the location.

“Located within walking distance of the Stony Brook MBTA Station, a two-building project at 265-267 Amory Street will include the new headquarters for Youth Enrichment Services (YES), add nine units of housing, a ground floor ski-shop, and conference rooms,” wrote the BPDA in its decision. “The project conforms to PLAN: JP/Rox, an approved BPDA planning initiative in the corridor.  Other community benefits include a new pathway through the Southwest Corridor park, a new crosswalk connection towards the Samual Adams brewery across Amory Street as well as accessibility improvements to public walkways.”

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