Tails Boston ready to become part of your dog or cat’s family 

Tails Boston is a one-stop shop for many pet needs, such as doggy daycare and boarding, full service grooming for cats and dogs, as well as feline in-home services like feeding, playtime, and litter changing. 

Tails Boston will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in Jamaica Plain this coming October.

“We are a much smaller facility,” said owner Yessy Feliz. She said the fact that Tails accepts fewer dogs for boarding means that they are provided with extra care and attention. Staff members are trained in CPR and first aid for dogs, and “spend quite a bit of time teaching dogs behavior and body language so that we’ll know how a dog may react.”

She said that Tails staff is “very committed to our dogs. Every dog stays part of the Tails family forever. We get to know the dogs and the parents on all levels.”

Feliz said that in order for a dog to be boarded at Tails, owners must submit an application, which is then analyzed by staff to determine if the dog is a good fit for boarding.

Once it is determined that a dog is a good fit, it will come in for a “temperament test,” said Feliz. “We look for any sign of aggression, stress,” and also signs of not being able to get along with other dogs in a group setting, she said. 

Once dogs are accepted for boarding, they are separated by size and weight, as well as temperament. 

“We take into account how dogs will react in a group environment,” Feliz said. “If dogs are anxious or overwhelmed, we do not put them together. 

“The dogs love it,” she said, and “get very involved with the staff.” She said that any feedback, both positive and negative, is extremely helpful for staff so they know what they are doing well and what they can do better. She said that negative feedback helps to make the dogs’ environment a lot safer and a lot better.”

More information about Tails Boston and its services can be found at tailsboston.com. Tails is located at 385 Centre St.

“We’re ready to care for your pup,” Feliz said. Anyone who wants to try out Tails’ services, “we’re more than happy to welcome them to the Tails family.” 

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