Letter: Park committee welcomes ideas for path safety

I am writing in response to the recent letter about a conflict on the Southwest Corridor Park bike path. (“Dangerous bicyclists need to learn to share the path,” Sept. 12.) I’m a volunteer with the park and with the Southwest Corridor’s Parkland Management Advisory Committe.

PMAC has been working with the state Department of Conservation and Recreation to look at ways of promoting a positive environment on the path—especially around bike and pedestrian issues. In the long run, we’d love more, wider space, since so many people use the path daily. In the short run, we are looking at how signs, path markings and social media conversations can help work out best practices for using the path.

With increased bike and pedestrian use, lots of people have experienced uncomfortable moments—on the Southwest Corridor and elsewhere. But of course we find that shouting out advice from a moving bike (or any vehicle) is frustrating. Better to have a good conversation around the community about best practices.

If anyone is interested in joining the conversation, you are welcome to come to any of the PMAC meetings and/or share thoughts on the SWCP Facebook page. PMAC’s schedule is found at swcpc.org/pmac.htm and you can also look for SWCP on Facebook.
Jennifer Leonard


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