HJSMS to host Spanish play in Mozart Park

Hyde/Jackson Square Main Street (HJSMS) will host Escena Latina Teatro’s performance of Dolores Prida’s play “Botánica” from July 27-29 at Mozart Park, according to a press release.

Escena Latina Teatro is a nonprofit dedicated to providing a Spanish language theatrical experience to a diverse audience through theatre productions, art education, and youth programs. HJSMS is a business promotion organization.

The play will be performed in Spanish, but an English translation will be provided on a video monitor. The event is free to the public.

“Botánica is a comedy that takes place in an herb shop in a Latino neighborhood in Boston where the venerable Doña Geno, a spiritual leader in the community, concocts love potions, divines the future and dispenses spiritual cures. Neighbors find comfort, remedies or advice to solve life’s most pressing and daily problems. Millie, Doña Geno’s granddaughter who has just obtained a degree at a university in New Hampshire, has plans other than helping to run the botánica, which leads to a generational and cultural confrontation between Millie and Doña Geno,” according to the press release.

The event is supported from a grant from the Boston Cultural Council and local community businesses and residents.

“I believe Botánica, which is comedy about miracles, will connect well with the audience of Teatro en el Parque because in addition to gentrification, issues of immigration and assimilation are touched upon, highlighting the contradictions and conflicts between young Latinos, born and raised in the US and their elders, who in most cases arrived in this country as adults and have lived here for decades. I hope the humor will delight the audience and will provide ample opportunity to connect with the play’s characters,” said Juan Pedro Paniagua, who is Escena Latina Teatro’s artistic director and is directing the play, according to the press release.

For more information, visit hydejacksonsquare.org.


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