Annissa Essaibi George Releases Equity, Inclusion and Justice Agenda

Surrounded by a diverse coalition of residents, community leaders and advocates, At-Large City Councilor Annissa Essaibi George on October 5 released her Equity, Inclusion and Justice Agenda at an event in Roxbury. The plan was, and continues to be, informed by a series of conversations and roundtable discussions with communities of color, residents, faith-based leaders, organizations, businesses and Essaibi George’s Listen & Learn neighborhood conversation tour.

In addition to the plan, Essaibi George announced a $100 million investment towards implementing the plan in Boston’s Black community and Latinx, AAPI and other marginalized communities. She will form a task force of community members, faith-based leaders, advocates and residents to lead a transparent and open allocation process that is driven by our communities and neighborhoods and speaks to their needs.

“Creating a more equitable, inclusive, and just Boston will be a charge in which I will intentionally and deliberately work towards every single day as your Mayor. That’s why today I’m proud to release our Equity, Inclusion and Justice Agenda, a plan that can only be informed by showing up in our communities and listening to and learning from our residents,” said Essaibi George. “As I stated when I first announced my candidacy, I believe in a Boston that sees the inequities and everyday injustices—and then tackles them head on. It will be a constant work in progress to build a better Boston for all, and I look forward to doing that work, together, as your Mayor.”

Essaibi George’s Equity, Inclusion and Justice Agenda policies seek to prioritize access to and representation in city government, especially for communities of color, individuals with disabilities, the LGBTQIA+ community, women, and working class residents. It highlights how she will root out systemic inequity and dismantle racism in issues such as education, housing, transportation, climate, healthcare, public safety, and basic city services, and how she will work alongside Boston’s residents to find solutions to the City’s most pressing problems through an equity and justice lens.

“What’s reflected in Annissa’s agenda is the culmination of six years of listening and learning. She’s done the work. We’ve been on many walks together, we’ve sat across from each other at meetings, and I know when I call her she will pick up the phone and get things done,” said Anthony “Big Time Tony” Seymour, a community advocate for violence prevention and youth support resources.

“This agenda is personal to me because I helped inform it. Annissa came to talk to me and several other women about our experiences in Boston’s workforce and the barriers we face in building a more equitable economy,” said Renee Dozier, member of IBEW Local 103. “We have a lot of work to do. But I trust Annissa, as my mayor, will be the one to bring my voice and the voices of my community to City Hall.”

“Throughout her time on the Council, Annissa has championed the issues of homelessness, mental health, and substance use disorder,” said Kelly Ransom. “Annissa was talking about these issues and trying to find solutions long before anyone else in this race. That’s bold, that’s leadership, and that’s exactly the qualities I want to see in my next Mayor of Boston.”

“Just last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Annissa, as part of her Latinx Roundtable, to talk about the issues that most impact our community. Annissa will always pull up a seat next to you to listen, learn, and get to work, together. Her equity plan is a testament to that, and I’m proud to have played a part in informing it,” said Felicia Teruel.

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