Message to elected officials: Defund the Iraq war

My 23-year-old stepson is a US Marine corporal who has served two tours in Iraq. That he may be sent back to Fallujah is a constant source of dread. As a Massachusetts voter who thought my elected officials “got” the message of overwhelming opposition to continuation of the Iraq war, I am dismayed by the dithering with ineffectual, nonbinding resolutions. Our representatives seem resigned to authorizing the Bush administration’s supplemental war budget and escalation of the war.

What will it take for our political “leaders” to follow the message of the people? With the war budget debate approaching, more calls, letters and visits from constituents are needed now. Only refusal to approve the supplemental budget—defunding—will end this war promptly. The military has enough money from the $70 billion bridge request approved in September to bring our soldiers home quickly and safely. Other funds can be used to help Iraq recover from the catastrophic impact of US occupation.

Take it from a military family. To support our troops is to bring them home now, and to take care of them when they get here.

Nina Douglass
Jamaica Plain

The writer is a member of Military Families Speak Out.

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