Affordable housing at St. Andrew’s would be an asset

As a resident of Brookley Road and the proud parent of a student at the Young Achievers School, I could not in good conscience let Scott Hoffert’s March 16 letter (“Why Urban Edge is wrong for St. Andrews”) go unanswered.

Although I am heartened to hear that Mr. Hoffert supports the school’s expansion efforts to the St. Andrew’s church property, I was saddened to read his references to the neighbors living in the Urban Edge’s property on Walk Hill Street. He seems to be making a connection between affordable housing and crime and the deterioration of the neighborhood. This certainly has not been my experience.

Mr. Hoffert states that his sentiment is not a case of “NIMBY” [Not In My Back Yard] and that creating affordable housing is a “worthy, correct thing to do” but not on the St. Andrew’s property in his backyard. To say that something is worthwhile, but not want it in an area close to one’s home is the very definition of NIMBY.

Those of us fortunate enough to have purchased homes in JP at an earlier time (when the prices were a little more reasonable) or who have marshaled the financial resources to rent or purchase at a market rate today need to be open to others having an opportunity to live in the special neighborhoods that make up JP.

The Young Achievers/Urban Edge proposal would be an asset to the neighborhood and allow people who are currently priced out of the Boston housing market to be a part of our community.

Laura Sylvan
Jamaica Plain

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