New Senate president represents hope

The following letter was sent to state Sen. Therese Murray.

Congratulations on becoming the first female Senate president in Massachusetts. I am proud that we have someone representing us who understands struggle and how the power of the many can rule over the liberties of the few.

I have lived in Jamaica Plain for 25 years. Massachusetts has been and
always will be my home. I am proud to live in the only state that would allow me to marry the one person I love. I still have several hurdles to overcome, but the current laws reflect encouraging possibility in my and others’ pursuits of happiness.

Under the national administration, we were subjected to six years of deceit, the propagation of hate and the promotion of fear. Massachusetts has been that twinkling star of progressive thinking in an otherwise bleak and endless night.

Please help us keep this hope alive and Massachusetts navigating towards the future. I am at your service. My house is your house.

David Flanagan
Jamaica Plain

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