Winning Latin School goes to drama festival

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The cast and crew of the award-winning “Tilt Angel,” a production of Boston Latin School, consists of many JP residents.

Boston Latin School’s production of “Tilt Angel” by Dan Dietz, under the direction of Christa Crewdson and involving many students from Jamaica Plain, advanced past the finals of the Massachusetts High School Drama Guild last weekend. The two winning schools and the alternate at the Massachusetts competition are not available to compete in the New England Drama Festival April 17-19. So Latin School, which placed fourth of 14, will represent Massachusetts.

The annual Massachusetts competition began with over 100 schools competing, and ended at the finals on March 29 at John Hancock Hall after a preliminary and semi-final round. Latin was the only school from Boston that made it to the finals this year.
During the early rounds, acting and music awards went to six members of the Latin School production, include Anna Frappaolo and Helen Henderson of Jamaica Plain.
Other students from Jamaica Plain, the neighborhood with the most students involved in “Tilt Angel,” include Megan Hiserodt, Chritstelle Saintis, Reed McConnell, Joey McCourt, Katy Estes-Smargassi, Tadesh Inagaki and Shannon Casey.

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