Regan Youth League gives annual awards


The Jamaica Plain Regan Youth League celebrated the completion of its 39th consecutive season with its traditional cookout at Daisy Field on June 28. After lunch, players received their team photos and trophies. [See final standings and championship playoff teams.]

Players selected to receive Coach Awards this year were: Rochelle Baez, Danny Banks, Cameron Brown, Malcolm Clemons, Kathyrn Clifford, Juan Cruz, Miguel Dejesus, Manuel DelValle, Brandon DeSilva, Andrew Diaz, Monika Eldridge, Thomas Fantasia, Bria Fredericks, Daavi Gazelle, Nicholas Giannopoulos, O. Hazel Hallas, Edie Hudson, William Lebron, Henry Monroy, Gabriel Montero, Jamie Murray, Franklin Peña, Lewis Rizzoli, David and Daniel Rodriguez, Shyra Ruffin, Alfred Santana, Michael Skerrett, Aimee Styklunas, Jonny Tejeda, Oscar Thaler and C.J. Turnbull.

Sophie DiCara won the Ed Dolan Junior Division Sportsmanship Award. Emaru Peña won the Al McCourt Senior Sportsmanship Award, and Pedro Otero won the Steve Glickel Pony Sportsmanship Award. The Joe Eosco Junior Division All-star Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award went to Peter Skerrett, and the Victor Maher Senior Division All-star MVP Award was given to Anthony Lawson.

The writer is the president of the Regan Youth League.

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