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More pizza coming

A new pizza shop called Primo Brothers is headed to the vacant storefront at 172 South St. after gaining approval from the city’s zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA) and the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council’s Zoning Committee.

South Street has been pizza-less since an arson fire drove out Felix Pizzeria three years ago.

At the April 2 Zoning Committee meeting, one resident complained that a restaurant would add to traffic, noise and other alleged problems related to the strip of businesses at 162-172 South. But Zoning Committee members were impressed by Primo Brothers’ commitment to police conditions on the entire block.

John Ruch

Verizon equipment

Verizon Wireless received a vote not to oppose from the Jamaica Pond Association board and a vote of support from the Jamaica Plain Business and Professional Association (BAPA) board at its April 15 meeting for variances to install wireless capacity support equipment, including 12 antennas, on and around the Forbes Building at 545 Centre St. The company is scheduled to go to the zoning Board of Appeal on May 26, according to John Moran of Alpine Advisory, who made the presentation for Verizon.

Goodwill here

Goodwill Industries also got a vote of support from BAPA after representatives presented plans to put one of its state-of-the-art stores at 678 Centre St., the now vacant former home of Foot Locker, and before that Woolworths. With no major renovations needed, the store would sell a range of merchandise delivered before 5:45 a.m. on weekdays, according to Goodwill Director of Stores Christine Moire. Although Goodwill has yet to sign a lease for the 6,000-square-foot space, Moire said hopes are to open in late June or July.

Sandra Storey

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