Flaherty leads on creative economy

I was delighted to see (JP Gazette, Aug. 14) that mayoral candidate Sam Yoon announced a proposal to create a cabinet-level commissioner of arts and culture position in his administration. This came only nine days after another mayor candidate, Michael Flaherty, released his comprehensive strategy for the creative economy. It is very good that both these candidates recognize the importance of the creative economy and the role it plays in our city. I would just like to give credit for real leadership where it is due—with Michael Flaherty.

The creative economy is a huge economic engine for our city and a major contributor to our quality of life here. Flaherty understands this, and outlined very clearly what he intends to do to support and nurture this growing field.

The creative economy (movies, video games and artists of all kinds, whether they be painters, graphic artists, musicians, craftspeople, writers, performing artists or architects) is a huge part of our city. The creative economy is a vital part of the culture that makes our city so great to live in. Flaherty understands this, and will work to ensure that these industries grow as he outlined in his plan to grow Boston’s Creative Economy.

I have spoken with many members of the creative economy who are leaving or have left Boston due to the lack of support and understanding on the part of the city. This is why Flaherty’s commitment to the artist community is so important.

Tourism is the third largest industry in Massachusetts, and many tourists come to experience the culture that is here. More importantly, people stay in Massachusetts, and especially Boston, because of this culture, a culture that is in part made up of the creative economy.

The creative economy is an economic engine that has not been utilized to its fullest capacity. Flaherty understands this and is spreading the message that Boston is open for business in the creative economy. Michael Flaherty has set the standard, and it is nice to see Sam Yoon playing Follow the Leader.

Ture Turnbull
Jamaica Plain

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