The Fifth Candidate

John Ruch

Feegbeh is write-in for mayor

There will be four candidates on the September ballot for the Boston Mayor’s Office—Kevin McCrea, Michael Flaherty, incumbent Thomas Menino and Sam Yoon.

But William Feegbeh of Brighton is reminding voters they have a fifth choice. Feegbeh, who failed to get on the ballot, is running as a write-in candidate for mayor.

“I really want to be a politician…to help improve everybody’s life,” said Feegbeh, who said he holds a bachelor’s degree in political science.

He said he wanted to run for the Boston Mayor’s Office in 2003, but was told he couldn’t do that because he lived in Brockton at the time.

“They told me if I want to be mayor, I have to move to the city,” Feegbeh said, so he did.

Feegbeh praised Menino, but said he wants to see improvements in housing, education and public safety.

“[Menino is] a very good mayor. He’s doing everything well in the city,” Feegbeh said. “But he’s a politician. Somebody’s got to run against him, because it’s a democratic system.”

“If nobody runs against the mayor, he may think everything’s OK,” Feegbeh said.

Feegbeh is an “official” write-in candidate, meaning he has notified the city’s Election Department about his campaign, so that election officials know his name is a serious contender if it shows up on a ballot.

Feegbeh said he will be a write-in in the Sept. 22 preliminary election in the hopes of winning one of two spots on the Nov. 3 final election ballot.

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