Ten Tables looks to expand

David Taber

Holiday Food and Drink

JP CENTER—Popular upscale restaurant Ten Tables is planning to expand at its 597 Centre St. location, taking over the space now New Leaf Flores. Ten Tables has applied to open a bar serving beer, wine and liqueurs as well as appetizers for patrons waiting for tables.

If the plan goes through, New Leaf Florists at 599 Centre St. will move into the space at 601 Centre St. Sweet Christopher’s Dessert Café, the current occupant of 601 Centre, has closed.

Daniel Lopez-Ospina of New Leaf said renovations are already under way at the former Sweet Christopher’s location. New Leaf hopes to be in its new space by the end of the month, in time for the holiday season. “This is like, ‘Bang, bang, bang,’” he said.

Ten Tables owner Krista Kranyak did not respond to Gazette requests for comment for this article. Lopez-Ospina said his understanding is she hopes to move quickly with renovations as well.

Andrea Howley, who sits on the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council’s (JPNC) Public Service Committee, told the Gazette that about a half-dozen people spoke in favor of the Ten Tables expansion a Nov. 10 committee hearing.

At a previous committee hearing, condo owners on Pond Street right behind the restaurant had complained about noise in the alley between the restaurant and their building, including its use for deliveries.

But, Howley said, those issues were ironed out, and Kranyak plans to check in with the neighbors monthly to make sure everything is going smoothly.

“It’s very cool that they worked together and came to an agreement. It would be nice to see more of that,” said Howley, who recently took over as chair of the JPNC.

The restaurant expansion requires changes to its beer and wine license. The JPNC typically holds community hearings on business licensing applications, and makes recommendations to the city’s licensing board.

The licensing board held a hearing on Ten Tables’ application on Oct. 28, but has not yet made a decision. On Tuesday, licensing board chair Dan Pokowski told the Gazette the board would likely vote on the application on Thursday, after the Gazette deadline.

The over 150 reviews the restaurant has received on Yelp.com are mostly 4-5 stars. Customer complaints on the restaurant review web site include that the space is so small that it gets cold from people entering and exiting in the winter.

Talking about the expansion at the Oct. 27 meeting of the JPNC, Public Service Committee Chair Michael Reiskind said the restaurant will “still only have 10 tables.” The bar would add 15 seats.

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