Scottish pub looks to replace Zon’s

John Ruch

HYDE SQ.—A new Scottish-themed restaurant and bar called the Wee Angel is aiming to open in the former Zon’s space at 2 Perkins St.

The idea is a “neighborhood restaurant with a Scottish flavor,” said Jamaica Plain resident Jason Waddleton, the Wee Angel’s manager.

Waddleton intends to bring in some type of live entertainment as well. He has booked bands for Matt Murphy’s Pub in Brookline and for the American Repertory Theatre’s acclaimed current play “Sleep No More.”

In 2008, Waddleton—who considers himself half-Scottish and half-English and speaks with a Scottish accent—floated a well-received proposal for a Scottish pub on Centre Street in central JP, but was beaten to the available space by a hair salon.

His new proposed pub would replace Zon’s, a well-known restaurant that abruptly closed last fall, leaving its cozy space empty.

“I thought Zon’s was a lovely space,” said Waddleton. “We’re going to hope to continue some of that [feel] and put in a different flavor.”

He said the name Wee Angel is a way of referring to the neighborhood. “Wee,” a Scottish term for “tiny,” refers to the restaurant’s cozy space. “Angel” is a nod to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ Angell Animal Medical Center, whose large complex is right across the street.

The Wee Angel proposal is still in its early stages. As the first step, Waddleton will appear before the Licensing Board for the City of Boston next week, seeking a common victualler seven-day malt and wine license for the business. [See JP Agenda.]

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