Thanks for helping children help children in Haiti

As everyone has heard, the earthquake that struck Haiti on Jan. 12 killed a lot of people, and thousands are homeless. Children lost friends and family members; many were left as orphans. Irvyl Events & Services (IES) had a fund-raiser on Valentine’s Day for the children here to support the children in Haiti.

The event was a success considering each child had to pay only $1. Larger donations were also accepted. The money went to Partners in Health, an organization based in Boston headed by Dr. Paul Farmer. We celebrated Valentine’s Day, but also we had games from Haiti, storytelling and a PowerPoint presentation showing the country before and after. Refreshments were provided, and each child left with a goody bag. The children had a great time.

Of course, IES cannot take sole credit for the success of the event. We would like to thank the Boylston Congregational Church; its pastor, Deryck P. Mason; the JP Stop & Shop; the editor of, Danielle Schulman; our storyteller from the Boston Public Library; AFCSME Union local 3485; and our family members and friends who stood by us. Thank you to all our little guests who came that day showing their support. Thank you all for helping Haiti. May God bless you, may God bless Haiti and may God bless all the children of the world.

Marie Irvy Lindsey
Irvyl Events & Services
Jamaica Plain

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