Mass. economy growing faster than US overall

The University of Massachusetts reported two weeks ago that the Massachusetts economy is growing at twice the rate of the rest of the nation. Our economic success following a global fiscal crisis is not by accident. It is the direct result of Gov. Deval Patrick’s strong and effective leadership during difficult times. The Patrick-Murray administration has created more than 45,000 jobs during the past six months as the state’s unemployment rate continues to decrease.

The Governor has qualified these encouraging statistics with an understanding that this kind of good news means very little to those who are out of work—and so his work continues. It is often easy to lose sight of the facts and accomplishments during political campaigns, and, listening to the other candidates, you’d think Massachusetts is far from the national leader that we are. Yet, above the often inaccurate and misleading rhetoric from the challengers, the fact remains that Massachusetts is a national leader in job creation, student achievement and healthcare coverage for its residents in one of the most difficult fiscal times in recent memory. That is an accomplishment that all of us, no matter what our political affiliation, can take pride in.

M. Scott Knox
Jamaica Plain

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