Glad city is addressing eyesore

I was glad to finally see (JP Gazette, Aug. 27) the issue of the lack of work being done on  the tremendous eyesore and unsafe property at 615-619 Centre St. owned by Christ Stamatos being addressed. I am a homeowner who lives directly around the corner from this unsightly and dangerous property.

For four years now, the Stamatos family has essentially ignored its duty to be a good neighbor and responsible property owner. They appear to be too busy opening new businesses to focus on this eyesore. I find it distressing that owners of a real estate agency in this neighborhood who also bill themselves as “property managers” care so little for their own property and the property values of the abutters on all sides. Who would hire them to manage their property when they clearly cannot manage their own? This owner has a duty to complete this project and make this building safe. We neighbors have endured rodent sightings, trash and debris long enough. Mayor Thomas Menino’s office is culpable as well, because for four years there has been no pressure to complete this property. Your article states that work is being done, but as an abutter who walks by this building daily, I note that, other than the placement of windows and the sound of hammering, not much work appears evident.

The building at 615-619 Centre was fire-bombed around the time that many others were targeted, and the First Baptist church had a massive fire. Since this property and others were burned, the other businesses and church have been rebuilt and are attractive sites in the neighborhood. This building remains unsafe and this family is essentially thumbing their nose at the neighborhood.

I would like to know whom they know that allows them to drag their feet on this project. As a longtime resident, involved community member and homeowner, I urge the mayor to not let up on these “bad neighbors” until the property is rebuilt and safe. These real estate business people are clearly not concerned with the property values of the abutters as they allow this eyesore to remain.

I would urge anyone considering utilizing their “property management” services to come to 615-619 Centre to see how well they manage their own property. I believe their present management of this site is a reflection on their management skills and a reflection of their concern for the neighborhood. The neighborhood has waited long enough for completion of this project. I urge the mayor to mandate completion before there are more excuses such as: “It is snowing” or “It is too cold to get any work done” or “The weather is rainy.” I ask the Stamatos family to become a good neighbor and finish renovating this eyesore so it is safe and attractive.

Patty Lieber
Jamaica Plain

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