Stand on same-sex marriage alarming

Not being able to attend the JP Progressives forum on Aug. 25, we reviewed the videotaped interview with Hassan Williams, the challenger to incumbent Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz in the Democratic Primary for the Second Suffolk state senate seat. As a married same-sex couple living in this district, we were alarmed to find Mr. Williams take a decidedly vague and noncommittal stance when asked about the prospect of supporting same-sex marriage in this state, should this civil right ever be challenged. In response to a question about how he would vote if debate were reopened on the law, he said, “I’m not going to be boxed in,” then paradoxically talked at length about bringing people together.

For us, this implies that Mr. Williams sees support of our civil right as divisive. Furthermore, he fails to recognize that we feel divided from him for his surfeit of bluster and lack of candor.

Sen. Chang-Díaz states unequivocally on her web site that she supports the right for all people to marry, and she marched in the Pride parade this year and in previous years. For whatever opinions one holds about her predecessor, Dianne Wilkerson was also a vocal and visible supporter of same sex marriage. Why does Mr. Williams seem to be so afraid of this issue?

For anyone even remotely considering giving their vote to Mr. Williams, we ask, do you want your Senator to uphold the civil rights of all Massachusetts citizens? Do you see yourself as an ally of LGBT people? If your answers are yes, we urge you to re-elect Sen. Chang-Diaz on Tues., Sept. 14.

Nancy Sableski, MSW
Rev. Anne Rousseau

Jamaica Plain

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