Against facility plans, not homeless people

I am a homeowner on Montebello Road. I am writing in response to the article “Changes in housing facility unveiled” (JP Gazette, Sept. 24). I felt like the article was one-sided and somewhat hostile towards the neighbors of Montebello Road. I’m tired of the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation (JPNDC) trying to make us out to be the neighborhood against homeless individuals. It’s offensive to me and my neighbors, who are some of the nicest and most caring people you’ll find in Boston.

The article reported that the JPNDC said proponents knocked on 75 doors and handed out over 2,200 flyers regarding the project. I never received one flyer and never had one person knock on my door. Most neighbors I spoke to said the same thing.

The JPNDC did make one change to the plan you reported in your article (not changes). They decided not to make a second curb cut on Montebello Road, but my biggest concern is the number of individuals who will be living in this facility with less staff to care for them. Montebello Road is fast becoming a family-oriented street, and I would like to see a smaller group of individuals in this building, preferably homeless families, and more staff. I am not against having a housing facility for homeless individuals in our neighborhood. I’m just concerned about our neighborhood and want this to be the right fit. It seems that the JPNDC is not used to a neighborhood that is so involved and that is willing to take the time to really look into a project. They want to keep monopolizing Jamaica Plain without any regard their neighbors.

Demetra Theoharis
Jamaica Plain

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