Petal and Leaf will bloom no more

Rebeca Oliveira

JP SOUTH—After a decade of providing flowers and plants to Jamaica Plain, florist Petal and Leaf closed Dec. 12 due to the harsh economy, owner Cat Thomson told the Gazette.

“The debt load is so great that I can’t keep on keeping on. Plus, after almost 11 years of doing this I am really burnt out and just need a change of pace for myself,” Thomson said. She lived in JP for 15 years before moving to Roslindale earlier this year.

The original Petal and Leaf first opened at 467 Centre St. in Canary Square in January 2000, and moved to its current location at 48 South St. two-and-a-half years ago. It was seized for unpaid taxes last January before reopening two weeks later. The business had also been seized for the same reason in November 2008, as the Gazette previously reported.

“I will really miss the community and the many friends I have made through the store, but won’t miss the stress of small business ownership,” said Thomson.

Note: In the print version of this article, Thomson was misspelled as Thompson.

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