Business closed for environmental gaffe

Rebeca Oliveira

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STONYBROOK—Boston Best Auto at 3575 Washington St. is closed until further notice after a car on the premises was found leaking oil into a catch basin, according to BPD E-13 Capt. John Greland’s blog.

An environmental test conducted by the Boston Fire Department’s Hazmat Team on March 16 showed oil in the catch basin, Greland said on his blog. As a result, the business was ordered closed until the damage could be addressed and remedied.

BPD Officers had received numerous complaints from residents alleging that the business had been selling cars out of the location and many of the complaints centered on the fact that the business was parking and storing unregistered cars on the city streets that surround the business.

Officers spoke to the owner of the business and asked him to explain and account for the approximately 28 motor vehicles stored on and around his property, which the owner was unable to do, according to the blog.

Along with BPD and BFD officers, the City’s Inspectional Services Department (ISD) and members of the BPD’s Licensing Unit and Hazmat Team were present at the inspection, the blog read.

ISD is expected to set up a hearing where violations found on the property will be further discussed and addressed. Calls to an ISD spokesperson were not returned.

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