Porch collapse on Nira Ave. injures 16

A porch collapsed during a party at 3 Nira Ave. on June 19, sending 16 people to the hospital and displacing tenants, according to city officials. A couple of the injuries were “serious but not life-threatening,” said Boston Fire Department spokesperson Steve MacDonald.

“Citations are coming soon” against the property owner, according to Lisa Timberlake of the city’s Inspectional Services Department (ISD).

The cookout party went wrong around 9 p.m. when a second-story porch collapsed under the weight of partygoers, then crashed through the first-floor porch below it. There was little threat of fire because the grill was in the back yard—“the way it’s supposed to be, away from the house,” MacDonald said. It is illegal to have grills on porches.

A city building inspector has ordered that the porch be repaired, and tenants cannot occupy the building until that is done, according to Timberlake.

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