Letter: Love JP and Gazette, hate the overpass

I lived in JP for 10 years, about 20 years ago. I actually lived in five different parts of JP in those 10 years. Now, I work in JP in the Brewery complex.

I love the op-ed piece from the last edition of the Gazette (“Our perfect little corner of the world,” Aug. 12). It summed up many of my same feelings about JP. I loved JP when I was here, and love it still to work here. I was robbed here 20 years ago, and had a gun placed to my head. It could have happened anywhere, but I also think JP is a safer place than it was 10 years ago. Urban crime is a reality.

A great opportunity is presenting itself regarding the Casey Overpass (“Overpass team preps four plans,” Aug. 12). Please, tear it down! We can create a pleasant network of streets to handle the traffic. It is ugly and no longer needed. We can also save money, which is very important today.

I love the JP Gazette. I wish we had a community paper like it in the North End. Keep up the good work.

Let’s continue to stay the course and keep JP an urban jewel.

Paul Keating, North End

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