Letter: School roof was lucky to hold chopper

Upon reading the article about the commando training at the Agassiz School on July 28 (“Commandos train in Agassiz School,” Aug. 12), I remembered another discussion about things landing on the school’s roof. During the years I worked with the Agassiz School Asthma and Environmental Committee, we struggled to get building repairs to cut down on the leaks and mold. In one meeting we focused on what could be wrong with the roof. We were told that even a seashell dropped by a seagull from the air could pierce the rubber membrane on the roof. It made me wonder what a helicopter landing could do to the roof.

With major capital repairs made before the Agassiz School closed this June, it would be a waste of scarce resources if the building deteriorates while empty. The Agassiz School community meant a lot to this neighborhood.

Tolle Graham

Jamaica Plain

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