Whole Foods protesters could go to trial

With John Ruch

Boston Police District E-13 Commander Capt. Paul Russell said last month that the complaints were granted against three JP residents arrested at a meeting hosted by Whole Foods in June, clearing the way for them to go to trial.

Anti-Whole Foods protesters Peter Blailock, Chloe Frankel and Andrew Murray, were arrested at a rowdy meeting hosted by Whole Foods at the Curley School.

The three did not respond to repeated Gazette requests for comment.

Speaking to the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council at its July 26 meeting, Russell said that “complaints were granted by the clerk magistrate” in the protesters’ cases. The cases will either proceed to trial or be continued without a finding—essentially dismissed—he said.

Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office spokesperson Jake Wark told the Gazette last week that he had no information on the case, meaning it may not have been filed yet. The Suffolk County DA will be responsible for prosecuting the case if it moves forward.

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